Beware the Evil Voyager

Somebody had to do it...
...take on the dreaded

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Minimoog Signature Edition Voyager Serial Number FOUR.

The number 4 is bigtime-unlucky in the Japanese culture. The word for four also means DEATH. That's why you don't see fours in Japanese product names.

Misfortune... sorrow... pain... death... destruction? Pah! Cikira the Pterrible Pterodactyl eats that stuff for breakfast!

Yes, my Signature Edition beast is BLACK. Bob Moog volunteered the idea himself, as he and I were talking on the show floor at 2002 Winter NAMM. As I enthused about the look of the new RedMoon studio, Bob remembered that I had ordered my big Model 91C Theremin in black. At the notion of combining this Voyager serial number and color I nearly died... of excitement!

The walnut grain shows beautifully through the finish on a wicked machine with a deathless voice. There is one other black Signature Edition Voyager. It belongs to someone who's on the ball with all that's new on the music scene, and I'll let him toot his own, keys. :-)

is it nice? is it nice?
Is it nice... or is it evil?

RedMoon Music: (heh heh) "evil-illusionary electronica"

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